My 2017 Natural Hair Journey



For many naturals protective styling is their saving grace. If you’re anything like me when you get bored with your hair and you feel like you’ve done all you can, the next thing to do is cut it. More recently I had to cut my hair after dealing with an extreme case of hair loss and battling post partum depression after the birth of my 2 yr old. At that time my hair had gotten long and my fro was poppin. So I cut it off and wore a relaxed short cut for a few months and then decide to cut it again and return natural.Recently becoming frustrated with my length I had to make a decision.

So in 2017 I wanted to challenge myself to grow my hair back to the state it was i before I cut it, so I thought how can I do this without getting bored and then it came to me “Protective Styles”. What are they you ask? Protective styles are any hair styles that gives your hair a rest or break from continuous everyday styling. It can be braids, twists, sew-ins, crochet styles you name it. The goal is to have your hair tucked away but allowing you to still apply your favorite oils, hair pomades, moisturizers and be able to cleanse as necessary. The goal is to prevent breakage and retain as much length as possible by helping keep the ends of your hair away from the elements.

I am challenging myself to 365 days of protective styling. If you know me, you know that when it comes to my hair I’m a bit of a chameleon. I like to switch my hair up at lot but protective styling will stop me from putting too much stress on my hair.  This is going to  also be a challenge because I often do my hair and then take it out after only a few days. So hopefully I can be an inspiration to some and provide ideas for you along my journey.


So here’s a peek at my 1st protective style of 2017 and how I’ve been wearing it.



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